5 Too Real Reasons Why Your Dog Is Better Than A Significant Other Ever Will Be

5 Too Real Reasons Why Your Dog Is Better Than A Significant Other Ever Will Be
Andrew Spencer

I have always adored my dog, Harry, a two-year-old rescue with a snuggly personality and the shrillest bark you will ever hear, but lately I’ve really started to see that he is beyond my little buddy- he’s a rock in my life. Harry has been there with me for a couple years now, and has seen some crazy shit. A few of my human friends have witnessed some of these messy events as well, but Harry has seen them all- and he still loves me.

I heard once that dogs don’t live as long as people do because they’re born already knowing how to love and I couldn’t agree more with this statement. Harry has loved me since the day that I adopted him- ridiculously, unconditionally loved me, even when others stopped and decided to leave me behind. Through every break-up, through every night crying into my pillow, Harry has been there to snuggle, sniff my face, and force me to play with tennis balls and ratty toys. The list of reasons of why the love of a significant other is nothing compared to the pure love of a dog is boundless. It really is.

I’ve compiled a list of a few of the best things about the love of a dog, things that you cannot receive from the love of an S.O., and I believe that everyone should benefit from the adoration of a dog (I also think some of these reasons can apply to cats and cat-lovers too!).

Reason One: Your Dog is Always Happy to See You.

A dog will always be ecstatic to see you when you get home from a long day at work- every single time. No matter if you had a bad day, if you’re miserable, if you’re cranky, your dog will bark at the door as soon as he hears you pull into the driveway, his tail wind-milling around as fast as it can go, so damn excited to see you. You will never feel unloved or unwanted when you’ve got a dog to come home to.

Reason Two: Your Dog Won’t Nag You or Complain About You.

Sure, your dog might whine if he wants to go outside, or if he sees a squirrel peeking in the window, but he sure as hell won’t bitch at you for not doing the dishes. He won’t care if you spend too much time watching TV or reading a book. And he certainly won’t care if you forget to take the trash to the curb (he’ll probably be more glad than anything, and try to get into it for yummy scraps).

Reason Three: Your Dog Won’t Ever Judge You.

One of the worst things a boyfriend or girlfriend will ever do to you is judge you, whether it’s your actions or beliefs, or anything really. Judging others is a human error, and your dog will never do it. He couldn’t care less if you have that third glass of wine (or seventh…). He’s perfectly content with your beliefs in God, or how many times a day you pray. And as for your body, it’s what your dog physically sees and identifies you by, and you better believe he loves it no matter what it looks like (and by the way, if your S. O. really does judge you by how your body looks, run away as fast as possible- I can’t stress that enough).

Reason Four: Your Dog Won’t Fight with You.

We’ve all had those fights when somebody said something too far over the line, and now it can never be unsaid. Words can be far more wounding than any other kind of weapon, and your dog will never use this sword because he literally can’t! And even if he could, he wouldn’t because it just wouldn’t make any sense to him; you’re his human and he adores you. He won’t ever be mean to you or tear you down because it’s just not in his nature- the love of a dog is pure.

Reason Five: Dogs Are Happy with the Simple Things.

A stick? OMG YAY. A ball? HELL YEAH. You just got home? I’M GONNA PEE EVERYWHERE. Dogs don’t need anything elaborate to enjoy their lives. Just being outside is the best thing in the world, or that smelly sock, or chasing that chipmunk. Most people think that more is better, that life is defined by how much you get or what you have. Often a boyfriend or girlfriend will never be satisfied with their lives or with what you’ve got to offer them. They’ll always want something else, something too elaborate, or just simply more. You’ll never get that with a dog—just scratch his tummy, and life is perfect. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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