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Your Fate Is In The Hands Of God—No One Else

Your livelihood is not dependent on another human. Your peace of mind doesn’t depend on someone else, either. Your fate is not in the hands of another human; neither is your future. Your whole happiness in this world is not dependent on someone else. Sometimes we give humans more power than they ever truly possess. We think that others have such a huge say and control in our lives when no one really has this huge power over us. Sometimes we forget that there’s always a greater power than humans, which is God.

So many things are in the hands of God. So many things regarding ourselves and our lives, but somehow along the way, we tend to forget all that, and we start to be convinced that other humans like us get to have this power over us. When in reality, at the end of each day, no matter how much of a powerful human is standing in front of you, eventually they’re just a human, and they don’t really get to control most of the things in life—they’re just as unempowered as you.

We forget this often, and we feel like our lives are dependent on others, and how it’s going to turn out is based on their decisions or support or say. But here’s the thing: No one really has this power. It’s you who’s disillusioned yourself that someone has all this power over you and your life. That someone could determine and shape where your life heads. We forget to remember that truly it’s never up to them, but it will always be up to God to guide us and decide where our lives head next for our own good, even if we can’t see it at the moment.

The idea of reminding ourselves that there’s always someone who is more in control than us and someone who decides our fate other than us is actually pretty reassuring and a liberating idea. It liberates you from the unrealistic ideas that you have of how much of an impact and influence someone gets to have on you and your entire existence. It helps you put other humans in the right place in your head, which is as an equal to you, not a superior, and not someone who gets to decide what will happen to you. Because if you truly think about it, this is something that’s up to God first, and then it’s in your own hands, but it has nothing to do with anyone else. So don’t keep overlooking this fact and keep giving others a superior power that they will never really have in their lives.

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