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It’s Okay To Let Go Of Your Good-Looking Life If It Doesn’t Make You Happy

It’s okay to let go of your good-looking life if it doesn’t make you content or satisfied by the end of each day. I know how hard it can be to live a life that looks so damn good to everyone, but doesn’t feel as good to you. I know how others may tell you how much of an ungrateful person you are for not being happy.

You may have a job that pays really well that others dream of, yet to you, it never feels so amazing. And you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that. You’re not an ungrateful person for not being happy with it. It’s simply not the right job for you. One thing I wish someone would have told me sooner throughout my life is that it’s okay to take a less prestigious job that pays a little less if it’s going to make you much happier and fulfilled than your current one.

You may live in an amazing city that people want to travel to and build their lives in, and maybe a lot of people consider you lucky for living in it, yet it can be the place you feel trapped in. It can be the place that doesn’t feel quite right and never felt like home to you. You don’t need to stay in it just because others think it’s amazing. Listen to what you feel. Go where you feel most comfortable. Go to the place that makes you feel so happy to call it home.

Sometimes you may find yourself staying in a relationship with someone because everyone around you thinks they are a catch and that you’re so lucky to have them, even though you are not happy with them. Staying with them is going to make you unhappy anyhow, no matter how wonderful to others the person you’re with may be. On the other hand, you may end up with someone that others don’t think are as much of a catch as the other one, but to you, they are the one. They’re the person you want to go home to every day and the one you are so glad to call your person — because that’s really all that matters at the end of the day.

So, please listen more to yourself than people. Don’t study a major you hate just because it has a good ring to it and earns you more respect in your culture. Don’t take a job that makes you miserable just because it’s prestigious and looks good when someone knows that you’re working this job in X company. Don’t be in a relationship with someone just because everyone else sees them as a catch and envies you for being with them. Don’t live your life listening to people and keep doing things you don’t want to do just because they appear great and impressive to others around you.

The thing is, people will always tell you all sorts of ways to live your life, and you may listen to them. But let me tell you one thing: by the end of every day, when you feel miserable living your life, none of these people will feel this misery—only you will feel it and live it every single day of your life, because this life is yours and this is your reality that you’re going to wake up to every day. So, let them think you’re a fool for not taking this job or not studying this major or not being with that person or not doing whatever they think you should have done, because as long as it feels right to you and you’re satisfied and happy, then let it be this way. Because in the end, this is all that really matters.

I want to write about you, me, and all of us.

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