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5 Things I Never Regretted Spending A Lot Of Money On

1. Therapy

Therapy can be life-changing. At first, I thought it was so expensive, but then when I started getting so much better and feeling like I was improving so much mentally and emotionally, it made all the sense in the world to invest in therapy. I believe that doing this for yourself is actually one of the best self-care practices out there.

2. Traveling

Never in my life have I regretted paying so much for traveling, even if it left me kind of broke afterward. The experience that I get and the memories that I make are always worth so much more than anything I could pay. This is the best investment out there. You get to experience a whole new part of the world, make indescribable memories, meet amazing, diverse people along the way, and change your perspective, and it just adds a new taste to your life.

3. Courses

The amount of knowledge and expertise you gain from taking various courses is amazing. You feel like you get to know so much about a certain topic and expose yourself to new areas out there and acquire new skills. That work you do on yourself and the way you develop your skills is a very rewarding thing. It can shift your career, make you get so much better at a certain area, help you run your own side hustle, or even open your own business. It can give you different ideas about all the things you can do with that knowledge. Learning new things is always exciting. It expands your horizons and makes you explore a new field where you get to know things about it for the very first time.

4. Equipment and tools for my hobbies

Whether it’s a camera to shoot more professional photos or a set of paint colors and canvas for my painting or a musical instrument, investing in equipment and tools is always worth it. Taking your hobbies to the next level is an amazing thing to do. Your hobbies are worth getting that upgrade. You taking care of developing your hobbies and taking it the extra mile is totally worth it. Getting the things that enable you to pursue this hobby in the first place is such a great and joyful thing that you deserve to let yourself have.

5. Concert tickets

Seeing my favorite artist or band sing live on a stage is just one of the things that brings me pure joy. The whole idea of being in a place flooded with people that share the same love I have for that artist or band is just out of this world. It’s always an incredible experience to be at a concert, singing and dancing your heart out with others around you with such vibrant energy while everyone is having the time of their lives. These are one of the moments that I lose myself in and love the most. The overall vibe of the concert is like no other. And even though some concerts charge a lot of money, I still don’t regret the money I paid for them because this awesome experience is totally worth it most of the time.

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