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Fuck Anyone Who Make You Feel Bad About Your Failures

Fuck those who make you feel bad about your failures. Those who make you feel bad for getting rejected from a job. The ones who tell you to settle because you’ve been through too many unsuccessful relationships. The ones who make you feel like a failure because you haven’t found a good career path or don’t make X amount of money monthly yet or because you don’t have a partner by a certain age. Fuck those who make you feel like a failure instead of encouraging you to keep going. Those who tell you that you’re not going to make it as an entrepreneur just because you opened a business and it didn’t work. Or those who tell you that you won’t be able to study a particular major for getting an F in an essential subject of it.

Fuck those who make you feel like chasing your dreams and trying to build something is you being unrealistic and too dreamy and impractical just because you’re not there yet. Fuck those who urge you to stay in places where you’re miserable because they believe that’s what’s right, and anything else is you being completely wrong and a quitter. Fuck those who tell you that you can’t make money out of anything you love, and if you try, then you’re wasting your time. To hell with those who force you to live in mediocrity and tend to continually make you lose who you are and not do what you believe in.

Fuck those who will keep implying that you’re stupid for taking risks regarding your own dreams and not staying safe where you are. Fuck those who mock you for being you. The ones who tell you that not meeting the beauty standards of the current world means that you’ve “failed” in being pretty. Those who make you believe that an F in an exam paper defines who you are. Those who make you believe that you dropping out of a major you don’t like or leaving a relationship you don’t feel happy in or leaving a job that makes you miserable make you a quitter or a failure. These people don’t understand you. They will always try to make you something you’re not and encourage you to live a life that’s not yours.

Please don’t listen to them. Because if failure is the only way for us to figure out our way, then let it be. If it’s the thing that made us who we are today and got us to where we are, then I am grateful for it. If it’s what will let us discover who we are and what we want, then I am okay with it.

So, this is me telling the world that I am not ashamed of my failures; in fact, I wear them as a badge of honor because they’re part of me and they’re what makes me who I am. So, if they want to call me a failure, let them, for I am not ashamed to be one.

I want to write about you, me, and all of us.

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