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Please Believe That You Will Rise Again

No matter what place in your life you’re in right now, you’ll rise again. You’ll get yourself out of this rut. You will shake this weakness and come out strong. This bad time will pass. This tiredness and drainage will end. The way you feel right now will end. This you that you’re right now won’t last forever. No matter how awful you feel right now and how bad your state is right now, whether it’s financially, mentally or emotionally, have trust that things will get better — you will get better. Trust that, just like you’ve risen after every single thing that brought you down before, you’ll rise again.

Just like most people rescued themselves from even worse states, you will too. No matter how much you lost hope or lost your own belief in yourself or in life, I hope that you believe that all this will be restored again. This is just a temporary thing, this won’t last. I hope you remind yourself of this constantly. This is part of your story, but it’s not your whole story.

Believe that you can, even when you think you can’t, and repeat this to yourself. You have it in you to get through this, you just don’t know it yet. You have the strength to get yourself out of this dark state you’re in and out of this rut. Sometimes we need to experience such rough phases in our lives for a reason. Sometimes we need to live in this darkness. Sometimes we need to encounter these hardships. You may not know the reason right now — you might know it later and you might understand later why you had to go through all this. You never know how all what you’re going through right now might shape who you will be later on and how it might shape your personality.

You never know how what you’re experiencing right now might bring you such wisdom that you may carry on to someone who happens to be living and experiencing the very same thing you’re experiencing right now. I know that being patient during times like these or trying to be positive seems impossible, but it’s not — it’s doable. And if you keep on believing that it is, then you will be able to do it and get through this.

I want to write about you, me, and all of us.

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