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Maybe This Is Why You Can’t Move On

Maybe what’s keeping you from moving on is the fact that if you woke up in the morning and they were not the first thought on your mind, then you will feel even lonelier. Maybe you’re scared of letting go of the memories and the idea of them because if you did let go, then you end up with nothing.

Maybe you’re terrified of the emptiness you’ll feel once you truly let go. You’re scared of all the space that you will be left with once you truly decide to move on. Maybe you don’t know what life would be like without them, because even though your story ended and you’re not together anymore, you’re still holding on to the thought of them and that space they occupy in your life and your thoughts.

Maybe you don’t know what you’ll do with your life once all this is gone. Maybe you don’t know if you’ll ever experience anything similar, so you keep holding on so tight to what’s left of the two of you. Maybe you are just not accepting the idea that your story ended, even if it actually did end right in front of you — in your head, there are still pieces of it that you’re hanging on to.

Maybe the idea of letting go of your love for them is just too hard for you to accept. Maybe you’re just too used to them in your life that you have substituted their actual existence with replaying your past memories with them every day. Maybe anything but the thought of them is too foreign for you and you’re just not in a place to accept this new change in your life. Maybe you just got too comfortable to the idea of having them in your life.

Change is scary, but it’s necessary. Sometimes we don’t want it, but one way or another we just have to accept it and cope with it. Sometimes our defense mechanism against change is living in our heads more than facing our reality. But the thing is, we just can’t do that for a long time — at some point, we have to accept what happened and face it in real life. Sometimes we just need to let go and see what happens. We might not like it at first or be comfortable with it, but that’s how most things are in life. We don’t always need to like change at first or be so fond of it, but we need to do it for ourselves in order to move on and grow even more.

I want to write about you, me, and all of us.

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