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Stop Trying To Empower Others By Putting Yourself Down

You don’t make others feel better about themselves by shrinking yourself down or by belittling what you do or by making fun of yourself. There are many ways to empower others and help them feel better about themselves without trashing your own self.

You don’t make someone feel beautiful by calling yourself ugly. You don’t make someone feel successful by declaring yourself a failure. You don’t boost someone’s confidence by making them feel like they are so much better than you. You don’t make people feel good about their lives by talking about how much yours sucks — this is not the right way to make anyone feel good about themselves, even if your intentions are noble. And you need to know and acknowledge this.

You need to know that you don’t have to hide your accomplishments or success in order to make sure that someone else gets their own achievements shown. This is not the way to let someone feel better. You might think you’re doing a good thing, but you’re not. You’re not empowering them this way, because this is not the right way to empower someone. Moreover, you’re even hurting your own self.

This is not about you, this is about them. If you want to empower someone or make them feel good about themselves, you need to focus on them and not you. You need to make sure that you emphasize and help them pay attention to all their great qualities, rather than constantly trying to create a mindset that they need to see themselves as better than others in order to feel better.

You need to know that empowering others and helping them feel better never means that you should make yourself look worse or feel less about yourself. You need to understand that there are better ways to do so than this, and know that this is not the right or healthy way to do so.

I want to write about you, me, and all of us.

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