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This Is Me Redefining Strength For Myself

I had a certain definition of strength all my life that was engraved in my mind, but then as I got to dive more into life, I started to redefine my definition of strength and I started to find new meanings for it every day.

I started to understand that sometimes the most defining moments of strength might seem to us like our most vulnerable moments. Strength is those moments where you pick yourself up after being a total trainwreck. It’s getting yourself out of a rut on your own that you’ve been stuck in for quite some time.

I started to understand that sometimes it means showing up the next day at an important appointment, even if the day before you had an absolutely awful day that left you weeping all night long.

I learned that it’s about choosing to stay true to yourself no matter how others react to this. It’s about not using your pain as an excuse to snap at people or hurt their feelings. It’s about truly working on healing yourself and doing the hard work.

It’s about smiling to people even though your day isn’t going so well and even if you don’t feel like it at the moment, but you understand that just because your day isn’t going that well doesn’t mean that you should let that affect others as well.

Strength is about owning your own mistakes and admitting that sometimes you do screw up. It’s about starting to actually work on making amends and fixing what you might have done.

It’s about helping someone else heal while you’re in the process of healing yourself. It’s about empowering others and being there for them. It’s about helping someone else build their dreams while you work on your own.

Strength is about acknowledging the parts of you that you need to work on, rather than turning a blind eye to them or acting as if they don’t exist.

Strength is maintaining your soft side in a rough world. It’s about your ability to forgive. It’s about not letting words shake you.

Strength is about opening up to someone and showing them your vulnerable side. It’s about taking the risk of starting all over again and being a complete beginner at something. Sometimes it’s about taking a leap of faith and choosing to bet on yourself.

And to me, one of the most defining moments of strength is about showing up every day as who you truly are deep down, no matter how the world reacts to that.

I want to write about you, me, and all of us.

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