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To Everyone Who Dimmed My Light: Now Watch Me Glow

To every single moment of defeat, now watch me conquer.

To every single moment that knocked me down, now watch me rise.

To every single moment of doubt, now watch me regain my faith.

To every single moment of rejection, now watch me try again.

To every single heartbreak, now watch me heal.

To every single moment of despair, now watch me get back on my feet and fight again.

To every single moment of weakness, now watch me restore my strength.

To every single moment of loss, now watch me win.

To every single moment that drained me, now watch me flood.

To every single thing that held me back, now watch me grow.

To all the voices that told me you can’t, now watch me kick ass.

To every single experience in this life that made me drift away from who I truly am, now watch me reconcile with my own self again.

To every single thing that dimmed my light, now watch me glow.

Watch me as I collect all my broken pieces and put them back together to become stronger than what I used to be.

Watch me as I still stand after every single time I thought I wouldn’t withstand the storm, yet here I am.

Watch me as I walk over all the insecurities that I’ve developed through the years and start believing in myself.

Watch me as I let go of every single thing that has been weighing me down.

Watch me as I find my true self in the midst of chaos when I thought I would keep on feeling that lost forever.

Watch me as I recreate myself based on my own views rather than anyone else’s.

Watch me as I learn to not let any moment of weakness in this life define me anymore, because I have grown to know better by now.

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