coupe sitting on rail during sunset

Let’s Stop The World And Take This Moment For Ourselves

Let’s open up to each other. Lets touch each other’s souls with our words. Let’s dive deep into each other’s thoughts and forget about the outer world. Let’s spill our guts to one another. Let’s be real and intimate.

Let’s get to know each other on a whole other level like never before. Let’s get lost in the moment and not think about anything else beyond this moment. Let’s be so present in it.

Let’s communicate and bond for real this time. Let’s be unashamedly vulnerable in front of each other. Let’s be all that we are in front of one another. Let’s connect and explore our exquisite minds. Let’s step into each other’s worlds and explore all there is to explore in them.

Let’s feel each other’s energies. Let’s interlace our feelings. Let’s not think—let’s just be. Let’s leave who the world expects us to be for this moment. Let’s forget who we used to be or who we want to be and just be what we are right this moment.

Let’s ignite our passion for each other and let it spark. Let’s intertwine our souls. Let’s get lost in each other’s details. Let’s step into each other’s worlds and dive deep within them together.

Let’s stop the world and just have this moment for ourselves. Let’s stop our train of thoughts and our current plans. And let’s just not think of our future plans. Let’s steal this moment for ourselves. Let’s for once be selfish enough to not care about anything else but what we have right now. Let’s let our guards down just for now and expose ourselves fully in front of each other.

Let’s break the barriers between us and let each other in. Let’s just skip the small talk and actually get real with each other.

I want to write about you, me, and all of us.

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