man and woman riding a carousel

Just For Tonight, Let’s Be Kids Again

Let’s pretend in this moment that we don’t have a past to remember. Let’s do what we want to do without thinking about anything else. Let’s be silly. Let’s be spontaneous. Let’s laugh our hearts out without any worries in our minds. Let’s run, dance, and play silly games.

Let’s be childish, wild, and free. Let’s not have makeup on or wear fancy cloth. Let’s be ourselves for this moment. Let’s be simple. Let’s forget about our social media accounts and pretend like our phones don’t exist.

Let’s not care how stupid we look or how weird what we are doing is—let’s just have fun. Let’s forget that we have any responsibilities or future plans that we need to think of. Let’s not give a shit about materialistic stuff.

Let’s be naive and innocent all over again. Let’s trust so easily again. Let’s laugh hard and make silly voices. Let’s tease each other. Let’s eat whatever we want to eat. Let’s create again and make games out of anything we find in our way. Let’s be creative.

Let’s believe in magic all over again. Let’s have unrealistic dreams; let’s dream big with no fear of anything. Let’s explore the world as if we are discovering it all over again. Let’s feel pure and raw again.

Let’s jump out of excitement and clap and dance over what we find amusing. Let’s run to hug who we love and let’s cheer out of happiness. Let’s be easily impressed again. Let’s experience life with enormous curiosity, as if we still know nothing about it.

Let’s have wide smiles and cheerful voices. Let’s be dreamy and bubbly. Let’s do what thrills us without thinking too much. Lets have wild imaginations and colorful thoughts. Let’s ignite our juvenile souls and bring back our lust for life.

Let’s forget for a moment that we are adults and let’s be kids again for tonight.

I want to write about you, me, and all of us.

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