woman wearing black hijab

I Know That Words Mean Nothing To You, But They Mean Everything To Me

I know that words mean nothing to you, but to me they mean everything.

Words can make or ruin my whole entire day. Words can ignite my light or totally dim it. They can lift me up or bring me down. They have the power to make me fall in love or out of it.

I know you always say that it’s not about words, it’s more about actions, but to me, it has always been about words too.

I know that you talk about words like they are nothing or like they don’t matter that much; but words can cut me deep and leave me bleeding for days. Words can penetrate me like a bullet in the heart and leave me scarred for a lifetime. Words can make me so damn happy or completely sadden me. They can shatter and break me. They can even make me lose my spirit.

Words can get stuck in my mind and leave me thinking about them for hours and hours. They can make it so hard for me to sleep sometimes at night, because I can’t keep them out of my head. They can haunt me for days.

Words can touch me deep down in my soul. They can move parts in me that I thought never existed before. They can save my soul—I even believe that words can save lives.

And sometimes words nurture me. They help me grow in a lot of ways. Words mean a lot to me, more than you think. I don’t just take words lightly. I take every single word like you truly and wholeheartedly mean it.

Words are how I express myself; they’re how I express how I feel and how I express my love. Words are what I use to turn a frown into a smile. But I guess it was never the same thing for you.

Words are what I build my relationships on, they’re my pillars. It’s how I let others know what I feel for them. Words stuck with me from childhood all the way till I have grown up. I grew with the words I was fed by.

My life is built around words, my whole world revolves around them. Maybe if you realized how important they are to me, you would have picked them wisely. Maybe you would have thought more before saying them to me. Maybe you would have understood the impact that one word has on me.

I just wish words would’ve been half as important to you as they are to me; maybe then we could have understood each other better.

I want to write about you, me, and all of us.

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