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Read This If You’re Terrified Of Getting Hurt

To the one who’s so scared to get hurt or broken, please let the world break you. Let the world crush your ego and let it bring you down to your knees. Let it make you hit rock bottom. Let it leave you feeling heartbroken and shattered. Only then will you be able to rise again and recreate yourself, and that’s one of the most glorifying things to witness.

I know that you’re tired and worn out by being hit over and over, but living your life while constantly keeping your guard up and shielding yourself from any kind of danger will demolish your passion for life. You know deep down within you that you’ll never experience anything as intensively beautiful as what you have already experienced if you choose to take the safe road.

Putting yourself out there and taking the risk of being hurt and crushed is the only way you know how to truly live this life, because only then will you be able to experience it fully. Only then will you be able to do the things that scare the hell out of you because you know that doing so will fulfill you in ways that no amount of safety or comfort ever will, even if it means failing more than you can count and even if it means getting rejected way more than you expected. Even if it means bumping into the kind of hardships that never crossed your mind before.

If you keep on living while being so keen on protecting your heart and putting up walls in the hope that maybe then it will never be broken like before, I hope you know that by doing so you will never be able to experience the kind of love that will set your soul on fire and ignite an inextinguishable passion inside of you. Because in order to experience something that great, the risk has to be equally great as well, which means putting your trust in someone and being all in and taking the risk of getting your heart broken into pieces again.

No mediocrity or safety will ever give you the life you want. It will never satisfy you or fulfill you. You were meant to live passionately and fiercely in this life. You were meant to go after everything you desire and chase the life you yearn for.

Being hurt is never an excuse for you to put out the fire in your soul so you could feel safe again or feel like you can’t be hurt again. Living life like you’re walking on eggshells because you’re so afraid of making one more mistake, will end up making you lose your spark for this life.

I know it’s hard. I know that you’re tired and weary. I know that life gets overwhelming sometimes. I know that the decision to completely arm yourself in this life and to constantly watch out for any kind of danger and cocoon as soon as you spot the slightest sign of danger might be the easiest decision to make right now, but this decision will cost you more than you think. It will cost you your way of living life so vigorously. It will cost you the thrill of chasing the unknown and the beauty of stepping into the discomfort zone and growing into a whole other person inside of it. It will cost you your sense of adventure and the way you experience everything so intensely and passionately. And mostly, it will cost you who you truly are.

I want to write about you, me, and all of us.

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