You Can Choose To Be Better Than The People Who Have Hurt You

If you want to give yourself all the reasons and all the justifications in the world of how life turned you so bitter and how it made you lose your softness; you will most probably find plenty. But let me tell you this: Life is not fair. It never was and it never will be. If every single one of us wanted to be an awful human because of what life has thrown at us, I doubt that we would ever end up with even one good human in this life.

Choosing to blame life and circumstances for how you turned out to be is basically you giving up on yourself. It’s you not fighting against all the situations and all the things that happened to you in your life. It’s you basically surrendering without even putting up a fight to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

Choosing to lose all your good qualities is weakness. Choosing to be hurtful to people just because you can is weakness. Choosing to break people because you know that you have this power is weakness. Choosing to not be there for someone, even though you can, is weakness. Choosing to be bitter and unsympathetic is weakness. Choosing to make fun of others just because you think you are in a position to do so is weakness. Choosing to never show the world your soft side is weakness. And the worst of them all is justifying all this by saying that people and life made you this way.

Maybe no one has ever told you before how hard it is to be soft in such a cruel world or how hard it is to always try to stay kind no matter what, even if it’s perceived as weakness or a trait that other people might take for granted. Maybe no one has ever told you before about the inner fights they had amongst themselves so they won’t turn out to be just like the people that caused them so much hurt before.

Blaming life and choosing to always act as a victim is not an excuse for how you turn out to be, and it’s not a justification for acting the way you do. You always have a choice to not be the way life forces you to be. You can always try to be better than the environment that you were raised in, even if it was a toxic hell. You can always choose to not turn into that person that crushes people only because they can, and even if you have been dealing with monsters your whole life, it doesn’t mean that you need to become one of them at the end.

I want to write about you, me, and all of us.

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