This Time I Decided To Choose Myself

Go ahead and call me a selfish bitch for prioritizing my self-peace over all this nonsense you call everyday problems and arguments and this daily negativity that you call reality.

Go ahead and call me a heartbreaker for not wanting to continue or spend anymore time with someone who brings me so much stress and who’s ruining my inner peace, even if you don’t see it as enough of a reason to not want to continue with someone anymore.

Go ahead and call me a quitter for not wanting to be part of your stressful competitions or wanting to be part of this professional life that is draining my soul and giving me so much anxiety.

Go ahead and call me a wimp for choosing to walk away instead of fighting or battling for something because I realized that this fight is worth nothing to me and that’s why I decided to not fight it—for my own self peace.

Go ahead and call me unambitious for settling for a simpler life and for not wanting all these fancy and prestigious things. Because I realized that I don’t care about all of this. I am happier with more simplicity in my life.

So go ahead and call me unrealistic and idealistic for wanting a peaceful life away from all of this. For choosing to walk away every single time I feel that there’s no love and no peace around.

And go ahead and call me judgmental, if you wish, for the sake of choosing to not let certain people into my life just because I can’t take their energies or their negativity anymore around me.

So go ahead and call me whatever you want to call me. I don’t care. I’ve spent so much time and energy caring already about all this nonsense that it deprived me of my own inner peace and my own calmness. And now that I feel like I am starting to get a glimpse of all that back, trust me, I won’t even dwell on the idea of going into all this nonsense and losing all this again just for the sake of what you will say about me.

I want to write about you, me, and all of us.

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