Never Forget To Give Yourself The Love You Give To Others

One of the most important relationships in your life is the relationship you have with yourself. Many of us invest so much time and energy in our relationships with others while completely disregarding our own relationship with ourselves, even though it’s actually the most important one.

You realize how much you kept seeking acceptance and validation from others when you should’ve been seeking your own acceptance and validation all along, because it all starts with you.

Most people actually spend most of their time trying to be very supportive towards their friends’ dreams and goals, but when it comes to their own dreams and goals, they just don’t show half of this support for themselves.

Many of us aspire to always be nice, kind, and helpful towards others, but I don’t know why we forget to be that way towards ourselves as well. We even tend to make excuses to forgive others for so many things while being so hard on ourselves and not showing ourselves the same forgiveness we practice on others.

We tend to encourage our loved ones to pursue their dreams no matter what and give them pep talks and make sure that we are right beside them all the way, but what about ourselves? We deserve pep talks from ourselves. We deserve to believe in ourselves as much as we keep on believing in everyone else around us.

And it just hits you how sometimes we are just too consumed with others that we neglect ourselves. We are so keen to be there for everyone else that we forget to be there for ourselves.

We just forget that sometimes, before we spend our time being nice and kind towards everyone around us, we first need to treat ourselves with this kindness and niceness we keep on giving.

Because in life you realize that it’s the way that you treat yourself that shows people how to treat you, it’s the way you love yourself and respect yourself that teaches people how to love you and how to respect you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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