4 Important Things To Think About If You’re Wondering Why You’re Still Single

Ümit Bulut

1. You’re too busy with your career.

A lot of millennials today are busy digging their path to reach their dream position. You always work forgetting to loosen up and meet new people. Eventually, you’ll get there. Spare some time for your heart and rest your mind. It’s good to meet and mingle once in a while. You will not meet your love one when your just stuck on your own. What will you do with your position, fame and money if something is still missing?

2. Your standards are too high.

The rich and kind with bonus looks kind of guy that you wish should be cut out on your list. Not all good things go together. Always remember that a perfect guy don’t exist, unless on fiction. You dreamt for a guy with a car. God gave you an admirer that is responsible and good enough for you but you really wanted a guy with a car. Is that reasonable? Review your standards and take a chance.

3. You’re comparing your admirers to your friends’ partners.

There’s no perfect guy and guys exist with their innate qualities. Why do you have to compare if he’s better or not? Isn’t it you’ll love him the way he is? Get to know him with him without comparing. That would be more challenging and exciting. Discovering one’s soul is an adventure when you want to know him deeper especially when he gives you happiness.

4. You’re intimidated by his looks.

“He’s so handsome, he will have other girls with that look”. This is girls’ fear. Admit it or not once in your life you had that on your doubts. Here’s the deal, if that guy pursues you no matter what happens and no matter may hinder him on winning you, then you deserve that guy. He doesn’t care about his looks. He cares about you. After all it’s not the looks right? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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