This Is What Being A Gentleman Means Because It’s About More Than Holding Open Doors

A gentleman
Unsplash Lesly B. Juarez

Chivalry lives. Although it is often ridiculed for being dead, it exists hidden away within a select few.

In today’s modern world, we all strive, more than ever, to find our own voice, our individuality, and stand claim to our own character, of who we are, whomever we choose to be.

There are gentlemen among us, and the attributes that make them that way is the mantra they choose to live by and is what sets them apart from the rest.

It is their power, their knighthood. It begins with the way a man chooses to live — from their style and garment choice to something much deeper and meaningful, as a man’s actions and behavior sets one man apart from the others and creates the aura and title of a true gentleman in today’s society.

A title that carries such power and purpose with it. A gentleman truly stands out from the crowd, not only physically with their style and ambience, but also by their attitude and actions.

“Manners maketh man,” and a gentleman’s behaviors are that that are held to the highest level.

A man who shows respect and equality to all, who displays honesty, confidence, and humbleness, always. One who puts all others, society, even the betterment of the world before themselves if they can, to go above and beyond.

A man who can be resourceful when needed, charming to all they encounter, whose individuality is not only apparent through impeccable style and fashion but more so through their character and personality.

These qualities, when paired with the self-empowerment and confidence that is given by loving oneself, of feeling comfortable with how you look and feel, is stronger than any armor that can be donned in today’s society.

This is what sets a gentleman apart from the crowds of men and evokes individuality and a power that people are drawn to and awe at.

Like the knights of tales and lore from centuries ago with their elaborate shields and armor, now replaced with the jackets and ties of today’s fashions. Whether it be a three piece, four button, double-breasted, pleated or non, or simply jeans and a cotton tee, a gentleman is strong and confident and comfortable and always well presented and manicured in whatever their own style may be.

A gentleman stands for truth and honor and allows the attributes and manners of their personality to quietly brandish their badge for all others to respect, love, and follow.

It is the power of a man’s choices, each small decision building and creating the personification of their inner valor.

Every small opportunity is a chance to create a difference, to stand tall as a modern knight, a protector.

A gentleman takes all opportunities in stride, views life through wide-open driven eyes, and sees every moment in a positive and fortuitous mindset.

Today’s modern gentleman is a hero of the masses — a quiet, powerful champion of truth, beauty, freedom, and love, and it all starts with a choice, of who you want to be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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