5 Types Of People To Avoid In Bars

A Million Ways To Die In The West
A Million Ways To Die In The West

I love a great bar conversation, but through my experience I have compiled a list of those to avoid if you want to sip on your bourbon without making a scene or acquiring assault charges. These are the people who I hate when they are sober and avoid at all costs when alcohol is thrown on the fire.

1. The Overconfident. Those who never believe that there is not even a remote possibility that they could be wrong about anything no matter how little they have actually studied the subject. I have had arguments with people who claim to very knowledgeable in matters of investing money, but had never heard of an index fund let alone can tell me the basics principles of Value investing.

2. The Outraged. Those who get outraged because they believe it is a virtue. They believe themselves to be the gatekeepers to comedy. They laugh at stereotyping and slurs of lower-class whites while being disgusted by light-hearted joking about any other group. They are tolerant, but only tolerant of those who hold the same beliefs. The hypocrisy runs deep in this type of person.

3. The Religious Zealot. Those who think that being religious makes you a good person. They believe that by simply believing in God they can abandon any beneficial teachings their religion provides. I am an atheist, but there are certainly some great pieces of wisdom that can be gleaned from religions like Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism.

4. The statist. This is simply nothing more than a subgenre of religious zealots. These are the type of people who claim that breaking a law deserves punishment no matter how moronic or unjust a law might be. Their government is the pious parental entity that can do no wrong, because politicians and bureaucrats are impervious to corruption or acting in their own self-interest.

5. The crazed sports fan. I really do not give a shit about your emotional feelings towards your favorite team or sport. I can think of much better ways to spend my time away from work than watching a game that I will not remember or care about in 2 years. I do not care who you think will be the next Michael Jordan or Nolan Ryan.

In summary, fuck these people. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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