This Is The Perfect Genre For You To Read, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If you’re a Capricorn, you probably don’t believe in astrology. But somewhere in your life, there is a Pisces who lives by it (hi, Shelley!). Whether or not astrology has any bearing on our universe, we can still have fun with it and sometimes, it gives us that boost of encouragement we need.

If you’re after a zodiac-inspired pep-talk, you’re in the wrong town, buddy. You won’t find out whether Venus is in retrograde or not here. But who needs life advice when you can have books? Our personalities have some bearing on the kind of books we read and genres we most enjoy: romance novels are havens for the hopeless romantics, and adventure books a perfect escape for the adrenaline-addicted. Whoever we are, there are book genres out there that suit us down to the ground, and for astrology lovers, here is a perfect guide for you: the genres you should read based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Drama

Bold and ambitious, Aries has a penchant for excitement and strive to have it in their lives. Black market dealings, love triangles, and drunken brawls are best kept out of your day-to-day. Who knew, right? To quench your thirst for some action, read yourself some Kite Runner and The Book Thief and divert all that drama into your imagination. It’s safer in there!

Taurus: Mystery

Renowned for being stubborn and focused, there is no genre more stimulating for a Taurus than mystery. You enjoy security and stability and while there are murder, mayhem, and hell breaking loose, there are problems to be solved. How on earth can you hope to relax until every burning question been answered? The ecstasy of finally having all those loose ends tied up is like nothing else for a Taurus, and there’s no better way to do it than diving into a good head-scratcher.

Gemini: Short stories

Geminis are such social butterflies that they may not be inclined to read that much anyway, as it detracts from time spent with their friends. But if you do, there’s every chance you like to keep things short and sweet. Born with notoriously short attention spans and excellent at dealing with change, Geminis can not only handle but enjoy the brevity of short stories. With something new and exciting to read every day, you will be a content Gemini indeed.

Cancer: Historical

As a Cancer, you are one of the few zodiac signs particularly prone to psychic abilities, and it is this supernatural tendency that connects you with the past. Your compassion and curiosity allow you to empathize and bond with characters from a different time. With the ever-present hard shell that you use to protect your sensitive core, you can weather the difficulties of the past with these characters. Better yet, you will satisfy your curiosity of long-past mysteries and deciphering Ye Olde English.

Leo: Romance

Leos might have a hard time admitting that romance is in their blood, even if they don’t wear their hearts on their sleeves. Passionate and loyal, Leos are perfect for all things romantic, even if your tendency for drama gets you into trouble sometimes. The thrills of new romance, falling for a handsome strange or maybe even the awkward passion of a love triangle are all things Leos look for in their books. These fervent fantasies make romance a Leo’s best genre.

Virgo: Non-fiction

While most people find more comfort in fictional stories, for Virgos the greatest book-related entertainment is the factual kind. Logical, practical and hard-working, Virgos are avid learners and prefer a good, informative blog post to an epic fantasy novel. While they enjoy a bit of fictional respite every now and then, it’s biographies and real-life stories that keep Virgos with their noses buried in the pages.

Libra: Poetry

Libras are lovers of intellectualism and the finer aspects of art, making them perfect candidates to read and write poetry. Poetry requires a unique creative depth and as a Libra, you are chock-full of it. Forever seeking harmony in your life, poetry lends a flow and tranquillity that is impossible to find elsewhere. Perpetual people-pleasers, as a Libra you find great relief in the fact that poetry can be interpreted in a whole host of different ways, and that way there can be no fighting with your friends over what Keats really meant.

Scorpio: Crime

Scorpios have earned a reputation for playing “the long game.” Often sporting big egos and wickedly calculating, Scorpios would most enjoy a good crime novel to whet their literary appetites. The most intuitive of all the zodiac signs, you will be one step ahead of the detectives in these books and thoroughly enjoy the fact. As you love being in control, catching that killer at the end of the book and watching them get their just desserts is the sweetest victory. The perfect hobbyist detective and probably already a vigilante, as a Scorpio, the crime genre takes your top spot.

Sagittarius: Sci-fi

There is nowhere too far for a Sagittarius to roam. Forever trying to curb your feelings of wanderlust and the urge to find new thrills, sometimes this earth just isn’t big enough for you to explore. Cue the science fiction genre, brimming with alternate realities, parallel universes and other worlds to visit. Easily attracting new friends and adaptable to new environments, as a Sagittarius, you will have no trouble getting to know the locals and exploring the alien cities of these new planets. If our world isn’t quite enough, you can find comfort in science fiction books to satisfy the need to have your mind thoroughly blown.

Capricorn: Satire

While Capricorns are well-known for their hard work and focus, they have a playful side that needs attention from time to time. Comedy shows are a great break for you but if you are sometimes a little distant, as Capricorns tend to be, reading a book is often a better choice. Most novels have comedy in dribs and drabs but to really get a Capricorn excited about reading, there needs to be more than a few laughs. So what better way to relax than to find a hidey-hole and read something that will have your sides hurting before the day is out?

Aquarius: Action and Adventure

You will not find a place more devoid of rulebooks than the home of an Aquarius. Rebellious and often with a deep-rooted hatred for authority, as an Aquarius you tend to break the rules because they are there. So you will find no better-kindred spirit than the protagonist of an action and adventure book, whose troubles and solutions are almost a result of rule (or law) breaking. Free-spirited and often thinking bigger than other zodiac signs, you need the freedom to do things your own way, no matter how outrageous. But if the government won’t allow you to drive your homemade car on public roads, wrapping yourself up in an action novel should go some way to getting the rebellion out of your system.

Pisces: Fantasy

Spiritual and prone to psychic abilities, people under the Pisces sign don’t spend a lot of time grounded. They prefer to wrap themselves up in idealistic illusion rather than reality. For that reason, fantasy is far-and-away your favorite genre, providing worlds filled with endless possibilities, kindred spirits, and magic that this world couldn’t hope to provide. Talented in artistic and creative pursuits, you may not only enjoy reading fantasy books but writing them to share your visions and illusions with the world.


Whatever your zodiac sign, check out some other genres from time to time. It’s not easy when we have our favorites but there are hidden gems in every genre that you don’t know are a perfect match for you yet. But even if you stick to your favorite genre for the rest of your life, get out there and read some books! TC mark

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