17 Signs Your BFF Is Actually Your Soul Mate

sanjagrujic / (Shutterstock.com)
sanjagrujic / (Shutterstock.com)

1. You share other people’s secrets with her.

When someone tells you a secret and makes you swear that you can’t tell anyone, that doesn’t include your best friend. She will find out as soon as you get the chance to tell her, unless that person explicitly states that you can’t tell anyone AND your best friend (or maybe not even then).

2. Your enemies become her enemies, and vice versa.

If you hate her, your best friend hates her. Sometimes, she ends up hating her even more than you do. She’s always the first to suggest to help you kill the b*tch and hide the body before it even crosses your mind. You will slay anyone and everyone who tries to cross your best friend.

3. You are a threat to every single guy who comes near her.

Your approval is the most important thing when it comes to her dating life. You determine whether or not they’re going to end up together. You’re the only real competition her future boyfriend will have and he will always come second when it comes to you. And when someone breaks her heart, you will be there, not only to wipe her tears and make her feel better, but also to slay whoever did this to her.

4. She’s the only person you really trust.

You have more secrets than you can count and she’s the only person who knows every single one of them—but you don’t have to worry because you know that she will take every one of them to her grave. You know that she will never judge you, no matter how bad it gets.

5. You know everything about each other.

She even knows you better than you know yourself. She knows every single detail about your life. She knows when your last period was and when your next one is. She knows the last item you bought and the last thing you ate. She knows what makes you sad and what instantly makes you happy. People always ask you what to get her for Christmas or her birthday because you know what she wants even when she doesn’t. You know what she’s allergic to, her preferences, and her dislikes. When you find it hard to make a decision, whether it’s which top looks better on you or those extremely important life decisions, you know you can always count on her to make the right one for you and you won’t even doubt whatever she says.

6. There is no such thing as TMI between the two of you.

You are completely open with each other to the point that you have no boundaries, especially when it comes to your bodily functions. “I have a stomach ache and a migraine plus I’m feeling really nauseous.” Before you can send another text, she already has a list of diseases with those symptoms from webmd.com. Another common thing to say or hear when you talk to her is, “Ugh, now I know why I’ve been eating so much during the past few days. I just got my period.” Speaking of periods, your menstrual cycle is often in sync! You can also openly undress in front of each other, without the fear of being judged. Farting in front of each other is normal and you don’t even have to think twice when you do it. And even if she gets mad cause your fart stinks, she will never judge you for doing so. There is no such thing as TMI between the two of you.

7. Her family loves you.

You treat her little sister as if she were your little sister. You’re the only friend her brother actually remembers and talks to. Your parents don’t even have to think twice whenever you ask permission to go out with her or have sleepovers with her. To them, her name is like an authorization password. Whenever you go to her house, her driver opens the gate before you even ring the doorbell. Her maids are so used to you being at her place, they don’t even ask why you’re there, even if she’s nowhere to be found.

8. She is your twin soul.

At least once, someone has told you both, “You’re like the same person in different bodies,” which should come as no surprise since you’re always together. Sure, she might like white chocolate while you prefer milk or dark. She loves pineapples on pizza, but you don’t. You also have different tastes in music and you have different “types” when it comes to boys (which is actually a good thing). But that doesn’t matter. Somehow, you’re still exactly the same. People even tell you that you’re starting to look alike, but you don’t really see it (but when you do, you don’t know if you should freak out or laugh).

9. You know that distance will never change anything between the two of you.

You’re in college and you barely have time for each other. She’s taking up pre-med while you’re taking up business. You ended up studying in the same school but none of your breaks ever match. But no matter how busy you are, when she needs you, you’re there, and vice versa. You know that even if she has finals the next day, she will drop everything for you (since she’s done this before) and you will do the same for her. She is always just a text/call away.

10. She’s the only person in the world who can handle you and all your crazy antics.

When you’re crazy drunk and you start punching and pushing everyone (including her), she will never leave your side even if she gets hurt. And even though she ends up with countless cuts and bruises due to your recklessness, she will still love you all the same. She might slap or punch you back the next day, but it’s a slap and punch filled with love.

11. You can’t imagine life without her.

How would she be right now if you weren’t there for her during that really bad breakup? Where would you be if she weren’t there to calm you down when you were having a mental breakdown?

12. You have your own world together.

When you two are together with someone else, they just seem like a third wheel. When other people are around, they will find you weird. You have your own language. You can communicate with each other without even making use of words.

13. You start to miss her the moment you’re apart.

You text her right away when you’re out of her village (just to give it some time) and you’re already planning your next BFF date.

14. You know her closet inside out and you have the same sense of style.

You’ve somehow memorized all the articles of clothing she owns. It isn’t that hard though, since you keep buying the exact same things without even talking about it. You don’t even get surprised anymore when you see her wearing something you just bought. You always have to think twice before you go out, because you might end up wearing the exact same outfit (which still happens anyway).

“I don’t know what to wear. I don’t think I have anything that fits the theme.”

“Sure you do! Why don’t you wear your white tulle dress with the gold sequins?”

“Oh yeah, I forgot I had that!”

15. You send each other screenshots of EVERYTHING.

“OMG did you see *******’s latest Instagram post? SHE LOOKS SO DIFFERENT.”

“No, not yet! ” *sends photo*


“OMG I hate ***** so much. She won’t stop texting me. *sends photo*”

“Ew, just block her.”

“LOOK. PUPPY. CUTE. *sends photo*”


16. Her happiness is your happiness.

Nothing brings you more joy than seeing her happy. You beam with pride every time she accomplishes something. It’s happiness that cannot be put into words. You’re so proud of her when you know that she’s achieved something, whether it’s an A on an exam or planning an event that turns out successful.

17. You’ve made plans for the future together.

Brunch in Hong Kong, shopping at Paris, then dinner in Italy, all in one day (dream big). Holidays spent together, sponsored by your husbands, who happen to be brothers. Your children will grow up together and you will get to spend the rest of your life with her (and your husbands), drinking tea and munching on an unlimited supply of macaroons in your vacation house by the French Riviera. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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