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How To React When You See Your Ex

It’s always strange to see an ex for the first time out and about with someone new. Feel sad for a second, and a bit sentimental — there was a time when you laughed with your ex and held hands the same way they do.

When Should You Have A Baby?

Should you have a child anyway because some medical statistic told you so? Or do you put it off until you’ve done everything you’ve ever wanted to accomplish before settling down?

Taco Bell, I Can’t Quit You

By accident, one of your gracious workers placed a Cheesy Gordita Crunch, instead of a Chalupa Supreme, as my order. Clearly, it was no accident — ‘twas a miracle, created by the Taco Gods. Now, I buy Cheesy Gordita Crunches almost exclusively.

Stop Getting Married Straight Out Of College

Shockingly, not enough young people think of marriage as a financial contract (thanks Disney, for embedding into my brain the idea that marriage should be based on love alone!). So here is my gripe: people should only get married if they are financially stable.