5 Things Women Do That Really Annoy Men

There are certain things men do that really bother women, but there are also things women do that really bother men. Since I’m a straight dude, I’m going to address the latter. Here’s what really annoys men:

1. When you tell us what qualities you like in a man, but the men you date are entirely different than what you claim you want.

This is frustrating. Any woman will tell you what they want in a man. However, their response is usually bullshit. Instead, they tell you what is socially acceptable to want. So many women get involved with men who make them unhappy for various and obvious reasons.

For example, many women date men who are jerks. However, you’ll probably never meet a woman who will tell you how much they love men who treat them poorly, because it is not socially acceptable to want to be with someone like that. Some women may justify their interest in “jerkish” men by indicating that being treated poorly somehow makes the man seem like a “badass”. However, after a breakup, the same women will typically whine and complain about how there is a lack of good men in existence after dealing with these terrible men.

In this case, the problem isn’t the man so much as it is a woman’s poor taste/judgment of men. Don’t get me wrong. I know terrible men exist, but every woman has the common sense and the ability to wait for a decent guy; when you meet one, you should actually give him a chance. So wait. Good people (both male or female) are so much more worth it for the same reason gold is so valuable: rarity.

2. When you try to change a man.

Look. We get it. You’re attracted to a specific guy, but unfortunately, he doesn’t fit the bill of what you want in terms of his personality, his ideals, and the way he acts. Many women claim, “I’m going to change him”, but this rarely works.

Change in a man occurs the same way evolution does: either a drastic event causes it (mutation in the case of evolution), or it happens EXTREMELY slowly over a VERY long period of time. Unless you are the most patient person ever, I suggest you move on and find someone else.

3. You like it when a guy you’re interested in becomes jealous when you receive attention from other guys.

My advice to you on rectifying this one is simple. Grow up. Men get extremely annoyed when women purposefully try to make a guy jealous. Be straightforward. If you like a guy, tell him. The only person complicating things in this situation is you.

4. When a woman acts like a “princess.”

This one peeves me greatly. Girls who act as if they deserve to be treated like a princess are nothing less than narcissistic.

It’s perfectly reasonable to hope (and expect) a decent guy to treat you that nicely, but to go around calling yourself a princess and acting like you’re entitled to be treated that way is just really annoying and sad. Stop it. If anything, you deserve it much less than a girl who is decent and humble.

5. When a woman acts/is dependent on a man.

Most men prefer women who know how to be independent. Men do not like women who are clingy, nor do they like women who don’t know how to take care of themselves. Learn to be you. Learn to be the best you that you can be. You will love your self so much more for doing so, and the right guys will respect you for it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Cristiano Betta

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