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I Cannot Tell You I Love You

I thought, ‘I love you’ would save me somehow. Instead I find myself tongue-tied whenever I look into your eyes and feel the words, desperate to escape my lips, but for whatever reason, they can’t.

Even If We Don’t Make It

I remember you told me we’d meet up some day in a coffee shop somewhere and we’d talk about the years that stretched between us and we’d find happiness for each other. Maybe we’d start again, fold ourselves into each other’s bodies in a way only we could.

I Miss Loving You

I spent that year fighting with myself because I knew I’d never find another you. I knew I’d only find pieces of you in those that came after. Of course those pieces would never be as special or as raw as they are in you. Just copies, slightly fragmented, nowhere near perfect.

I’m Not Afraid To Admit That I’m A Crazy Girl

I try so hard every day to not be insane. I try to push my “crazy girl brain” into the darkness of my mind and be rational but it’s hard, and it’s even harder when I know what you’re capable of. Sometimes I just wish I could switch it off.

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