Here’s To The Basic Girls

Here’s To The Basic Girls

Here’s to the basic girls, here’s to the girls who get excited for the seasonal menu at Starbucks, who order the pumpkin spice latte every day for the entirety of fall, who laugh with the Barista about their “usual”, the girls who don’t even need to give their name because the staff consider her a “friend.”

Here’s to the girls who go to events just for the perfect Instagram shot, the girls who crowd pumpkin patches and Christmas markets, dragging their boyfriend along simply to be their personal photographer. The girls who leave with nothing but an entire gallery they can scroll through, sending each other a million versions of the same photo with different filters to ask which they should upload. Here’s to the girls who used the hashtag “basic bitch” ironically. Here’s to the girls who only use Snapchat for the dog-filter, whose social media is crammed with selfies with two ears and a tongue, with literally no change in expression. The girls who fight over “their good side” and only ever stand with their hand on one hip. The girls who know which angle their body looks best at and plan on sticking with it for the rest of their photograph-worthy life.

Here’s to the girls who quote Mean Girls in everyday conversation, who live for October 3rd and Halloween because oh my god, it’s the perfect caption, duh! Here’s to the sexy-cats and sexy-mice, here’s to the girls whose favorite Christmas song is “Jingle-Bell Rock”, whose favorite movie mum is Regina George’s because she’s just “so fetch!”

Here’s to the girls who relate to TV show characters more than real people, to the girls who take Greys Anatomy VERY seriously- do not even talk to me about Derek Sheppard. To the girls who admit to having a major Twilight phase and getting into heated debates about Team Edward or Team Jacob. Here’s to the girls who are secretly obsessed with Taylor Swift and have legit used her albums to have a “good cry” after a fight with their bae or a break-up.

Here’s to the girls who don their UGGs as soon as there is a frost in the air, to the girls who have an entire drawer dedicated just to leggings, who have realized their underwear has been on show all day because they’ve literally worn them a million times!

Here’s to the girls who don’t just have a birthday but a birth-week, the girls who cram as many activities into seven days because they are just that extra. To the girls who need a meal, a party, and a family outing, and it better be somewhere they can Instagram and Boomerang.

Here’s to the girls who plan their entire social life around being able to fake-tan. The girls who have a specific math for working out when they need to apply it, top it up and then exfoliate for the next event. The girls who will get seriously stressed if there are too many events in one month and they’re freaking out about being “patchy.” Here’s to the girls who claim, “This outfit will look SO much better when I’m tanned!”

Here’s to the girls who are #relationshipgoals with their bae, the girls who have to take a photo of everything before they can enjoy it, right down to their Sunday Netflix and chill. Here’s to the girls whose ultimate hang-over/emotional binge food is Dominos.

Here’s to the girls reading this, knowing absolutely everything applies to them and sending the link to their “Besties” Whatsapp group with an “OMG, this is SO us.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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