Your Partner Isn’t Meant To Complete You And Five Other Realities You Need To Accept About Long-Term Relationships

1. Your Partner Isn’t Meant To Complete You

Your partner is only meant to be an extension of you, not the missing piece. Your partner should bring happiness and joy to your life, not be the only person providing it. You should be able to imagine your life without this person, knowing you would survive it. You shouldn’t live in fear that if things were to end, you wouldn’t know who you would be or what your life would mean.

2. You And Your Partner Should Have Meaningful Relationships Outside Of Each Other

You shouldn’t sacrifice your friendships for your partner. Whilst obviously, you’ll spend a lot of time together, there should he other people you enjoy spending time with. There should be parts of you that you give to your friends and family which you perhaps wouldn’t give to your partner. Even if that means talking shit about people from high school and binge drinking rose, it’s healthy to have things outside of your relationship.

4. You’re Going To Argue But You Shouldn’t Fear Breaking Up

Everyone argues, everyone. And you’re going to fall out with your partner, even if it’s just over whose turn it is to do the laundry. A dumb argument isn’t the end of the relationship and you should both be able to get pissed at each other without fearing it might be.

5. You’re Both Allowed To Want Space

Whether you want to watch a Netflix show they hate or they wants to play video games until 3am, it’s okay to have space. In fact, it’s healthy. “Me time” is important and in relationships, it’s so easy to stop thinking about what you need and want, and to think of yourselves a whole. If having a hot bubble bath and a glass of wine after a hard day is what relaxes you then do that. You don’t have to sit and talk it out with them, you’re allowed to do make time for what is right for you.

6. You’re Both Going To Be Attracted To Other People

It’s silly to think that just because you’re with someone, you stop finding other people attractive. Of course, you will and so will they, and that’s okay. In fact, harmless flirting to get yourself through a work day is okay, as long as it never goes any further. As long as there’s open communication at all times, it’s okay to be honest about the fact other people are just as sexy as your partner. There shouldn’t be an expectation that you only find each other attractive once you become official. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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