Find Someone Who Loves You On Your Bad Days

Derrick Freske

It’s easy to find someone who will love you on your good days; when you wake with a smile easing across your sleep-stained face and brush your lips across their face before throwing back the sheets and making a fresh pot of coffee. The days when you dance barefoot across the kitchen tiles, waiting for the toast to pop. The days when laughter rumbles out of your stomach, even when you feel as if you’ve been caught in a rainstorm without an umbrella. The days when nothing is too much trouble.

Anyone could love that person.

But what about the days when everything feels like a challenge? When you’re grouchy from the back-to-back shifts? When leaving the safety of your duvet fort feels like the hardest thing in the world? What about the days when you are irritated by everyone and everything, and you make cruel comments just to relieve some of the poison inside of you? What about the days when you’re sick with flu and you haven’t washed your hair in days, when your skin smells like old bed sheets and body odour?

Because you deserve to be loved on those days too. You deserve to know that every version of you is lovable and beautiful, and worthy.

So find someone who makes extra effort on those bad days. Who will bring you chamomile tea and crumpets when you’re too sick for work, who will tuck hot water bottles beneath the blankets and line up a day’s worth of all of your favorite movies.

Find someone who will listen to you rant about your annoying colleagues or the fact your friend has let you down once again, but who knows your heart is still golden, and today is just a little difficult. Find someone who will not judge you.

Find someone who will still kiss you when you’re infectious, who will still find you irresistible when your nose is red and cracked, and your voice turns gravelly. Find someone who will run you a hot bath and sit beside you and wash your back because it soothes you.

Find someone who loves every version of you; who knows that sometimes life is too much and on those days, you’ll be blue and quiet and irritable. Find someone who will hold your hand a little tighter on those days and ride them out with you.

Find someone who allows you to be you, someone who deserves all of you. Someone who doesn’t only want the smiley, glamorous you, the filtered, perfected, outside version of you.

Find someone who not only tolerates these other versions of you but celebrates them, cherishes them and understands them too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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