21 Little Things To Thank Your Boyfriend For Right Now

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1. Thank you for believing in me, especially on the days when I don’t believe in myself.

2. Thank you for telling me I look more beautiful without makeup but totally respecting my decision to wear it anyway.

3. Thank you for making me feel sexy when I’m wearing my Disney pyjamas and have my hair scraped back in a ponytail.

4. Thank you for listening to me rant about work when you’ve had a super busy and stressful day yourself.

5. Thank you for always being down for Prosecco, pizza take-out and binge-watching reality T.V with me, even though I know sometimes you would prefer to play video games and drink beer.

6. Thank you for supporting my decision to change careers and for always being super excited about every job I apply for.

7. Thank you for making me believe there will be another, better, more suitable job when I cry over the rejection email.

8. Thank you for making effort with my family, even though I know they can be loud and wild and intense.

9. Thank you for always being silly with me and for being completely happy to spend time together and not say a single word.

10. Thank you for always being interested in every book idea which pops into my head and for reading over countless manuscripts, and never being afraid to be honest.

11. Thank you for sleeping with the windows open at night, even though you like to be toasty and snug.

12. Thank you for loving the parts of myself I hate and for helping me to love them too.

13. Thank you for our talks about marriage and babies with us both knowing there is absolutely no rush but it’ll happen one day.

14. Thank you for making even the mundane parts of our life feel like an adventure.

15. Thank you for talking through my anxieties with me, for smoothing out the mountains in my mind, for reassuring me when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

16. Thank you for all of those times you made me feel excited to go to work, when walking into the office gave me butterflies and made me feel sixteen again. Thank you for making me feel alive.

17. Thank you for giving me so much to look forward to.

18. Thank you for always being honest when I ask for your opinion on my outfit (even if I don’t always take it).

19. Thank you for surprising me with cups of tea when I wake up because you know it takes me a good hour to find the energy to leave our bed.

20. Thank you for the fact that I could write this list forever.

21.  Thank you for being you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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