10 Little Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re Terrified Of Heartbreak

Brooke Cagle
Brooke Cagle

1. Being overly cautious of boys who don’t know what they want- saying no to “almost” relationships and FWB because you don’t know how to keep your heart out of the equation.

2. Trying not to notice the small, insignificant things about the guy you like because you know you’ll start to fall for him.

3. Not telling your SO when you’re upset by his actions because you’re worried your relationship won’t survive the argument.

4. Keeping stories from your past on lockdown because if he knows every part of you, even the darkest ones, there will be more pieces for him to shatter.

5. Constantly reminding yourself of everything which exists without him/came before him so the thought of him leaving doesn’t make your breath catch in your throat.

6. Not joining in with your girlfriends when they’re talking future wedding dresses and ‘first dance’ songs because it’s just one more image you’ll have to scratch out of your mind.

7. Taking time to yourself after an argument with your SO to reevaluate, recharge and remind yourself you will be okay if it falls apart.

8. Always being your best self- saying no to the last chocolate cookie and another glass of Chardonnay because you’re worried he’ll find someone more beautiful, slim and strong-willed, and leave.

9. Setting yourself incredibly high standards that no one will ever reach because at least that way, you can blame them and not your own fears.

10. Learning to love yourself more than you will ever love someone else, and always keeping an emotional distance so you never become so entangled with them you forget who you are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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