I Want To Be Here In This Quiet Moment With You


My favorite moments with you are the quiet ones. The ones not interrupted by the sound of the TV or the constant pinging of our phones. The ones where other people cannot steal our time from each other.

The ones where it’s just you and me, the ones where the rest of the world does not exist, not for us.

I love the days where we just lie on our backs in the meadow by your house, the peaceful summer days when everyone else is at work or school, the days where we see comic strips in the clouds and you trace the patterns of my freckles with your finger tip. The days when the cool breeze and the singing of birds are the only things to remind us where we are, to keep us grounded, even where we’re floating in our own bubble, even when we feel like nothing can touch us.

I love the way our conversations take us to obscure and faraway places, how one minute we’re making dinosaur noises at each other or you’re teasing me for the strange faces I pull and next we’re talking of our childhoods, the deepest, most painful memories we’ve never spoken aloud to anyone before. I lean in to your touch as you hold my face and I feel free and safe, at peace.

I crave these days, the simple ones, when my mind is crowded with thoughts about college and work and that awful family event I’ve been dreading. I need to escape to you, to run to you. To feel that unbelievable calmness spread throughout my entire body- the sense of coming home.

I want to be here in this moment with you. I want to shut the rest of the world out. I just want to feel the softness of your skin against mine and your fingers in my hair. I want to breathe in your invigorating scent and escape from everyone and everything else.

Because it’s enough for me, more than enough.

That silence which doesn’t feel pressured or awkward or loaded. And I can feel it, as I lie there, my head resting on your chest as my hungry eyes dance over your face and memorize every inch of you; I feel the fullness of my heart, and I feel it mirrored in yours.

I feel like we could spend the rest of our lives doing just this. Simply being together without the need for technology or other people to buffer our relationship, to fill in the gaps and cover up the cracks.

And I would be as happy as is humanly possible. Content. At peace. Still. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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