The Brutal Frustration You Experience That Only People Stuck In The Gray Area Of Relationships Understand

Friends with Benefits. Fuck Buddies. Friend Zoned.

All three of these terms have two things in common; a basic level of friendship between two people and some sort of attraction from at least one. In the hookup culture of today, these terms can be heard quite frequently, but don’t even begin to describe what happens when the terms mesh together, creating something much worse than the dreaded “friend zone” or much more complex than the simple sexual consistency of “fuck buddy”.

Welcome to the Grey Area.

The Grey Area is much worse than being friend zoned, much more than friends with benefits, and much more complex than fuck buddies. To be in the Grey Area is to be in an undefined relationship limbo that inevitably leads to having your heart ripped apart time and time again…but you keep going back because there is no closure.

You’re not necessarily friend zoned, even if one of you has stronger feelings than the other, as the feelings are there for both people, somewhere. You’re definitely friends and you probably make out or you’re fuck buddies that don’t really “fuck” on basic terms…but you’re not in a relationship together, either.

Maybe you’re casually seeing other people or maybe it’s been said that the two of you are better off as friends. Maybe he’s got his heart somewhere else or she has commitment issues. Maybe you’ve even tried to stop doing whatever it is that the two of you are doing, but no matter what the reasoning may be, one thing is almost always guaranteed.

After a bad break up or a drunken night, you’ll end up with each other again. Back in an undefined relationship limbo. Back to doing whatever it is that you’re doing. Back to wondering time and time again if there’s any potential in the situation, in having your heart ripped out every time one of you realizes this grey area isn’t actually a relationship.

You’ll be stuck in a cycle of loving the situation you’re in because you’re with your best friend and hating everything about it because you want something that cannot be given or achieved, frantically trying to find some sense of closure within this gloomy area of grey. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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