5 Amazing Reasons Life Is So Much Better When You Have A Sister

Well, we’ve all been there; scrapes and boo boos, amazing skin that transcends during our teenage phase, and broken hearts that leave us Britney 2007 emotional during our twenties. These beautiful things are all a part of growing up. Yes, it sounds cheesy, but it’s the Gouda truth. 

Fortunately for me I was able to survive all these growing pains with the help of my sisters—yes more than one. Don’t get me wrong, one can surely do the job, but WHAMMY, I got DOUBLE the fun, which made my life a lot easier.

Here are 5 WAYS my sisters absolutely made my life (thus far).

1. Getting in trouble as a kid was fun.

Whether you’re the oldest or the vivacious cute baby of the family—like me, getting in trouble when you were 5 was the thrill of a lifetime! Running around the house, leaving a mud trail leading to the bath tub, while your mother was hysterically yelling, trying to see which rug-rat started it. Eenie Meenie Miney, OH NO! It was always a sure bet that you would all get in trouble. BUT HEY, better together than alone.

2. You had your very OWN body guard in the playground. 

“No one messes with my sister, but ME”. Pushy boys, and snobby girls, *SIGH, these were issues for the only child. Sisters stepped in and made sure that everyone knew if they messed with you, then they would have to mess with the entire clan.

3. Who needs friends when you have sisters? 

I cannot tell you how many times I heard my mother tell us this growing up, but it’s kind of true. Yes, we all need a social circle outside our families, but who knows us better than our family. Growing up, it did not matter if you were the awkward immigrant girl with a mushroom haircut that no one wanted to play with, (hypothetically speaking) because your sisters would still be there to hang. And, mostly because you were not old enough to do anything alone, but regardless, you catch my point? You always had friends to go to the park with, or play dress up to spice girls with, while you did a cheesy karaoke rendition to an age inappropriate song, accompanied with really ultra-90s’ dance moves. It was like a 24hr, 7 days a week slumber party, which you were always permitted to have.

4. SAVE your coin, you have your own PERSONAL “Therapists and Shopping Assistants.”

Lest we forget the juggling act, we like to call high school. Discovering bodily changes, figuring out yourself, all while trying to impress your crush—the struggle was real. Well fear not, because you always dressed in style, and if you didn’t your sisters would correct it. Whether you had hand-me-downs, or another closet of clothes to pick your outfits from, shopping was almost irrelevant. And, when it came to boys, well your sisters would always do their due diligence in figuring out what their deal was, and if they were worth your time, even if that meant embarrassing you. In hindsight, it was always for my best interest.

Heart breaks, and broken friendships, would often have you run to your sisters and cry. Leave it to them to give you a dash of reality, accompanied with lots of snuggles, and junk food. Having one sister to decode a text message is awesome, but having TWO, well that made for an intelligence service. Regardless, your sisters were always on your side, even if your side was not the right side, it didn’t matter.

5. Reminding you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Having sisters during your childhood was amazing. You had another person to share your life with, except this person came from the same financial upbringing, the same weird parents and annoying house rules. Realizing that if mom and dad messed you up, then that’s ok, because they most likely messed up your sisters too—kidding. The point is you knew someone else went through what you did. Having sisters was like having a group of cheerleaders, always rooting for you, and reminding you that there is no excuse to not better yourself, because you all came from the same womb.

Don’t get me wrong, brothers are cool too, and we have one of those. But there is a magical bond shared upon a sisterhood that is untouched. And for that, I am thankful. Oh, and I know what you are wondering, and yes, I am the coolest sister. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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