50 Thoughts That Cross Your Mind On Your Best Friend’s Wedding Day

We all think about getting married someday; to find “the one” to spend the rest of our lives with. We always joke with our friends about who’s going to be the first one to get married and like most guys, we try to avoid commitment. Time passes by and when you least expect it you receive an invitation for your best friend’s wedding and you’re like: “WHAT!?” and mixed up feelings start rising inside you. You’re so happy for your friend, but at the same time fear starts invading your mind, so you start thinking about the meaning of this and what it entails.

Again, time passes by and the wedding day arrives, so you attend the wedding and many thoughts start invading your mind during the whole ceremony. Things like: “Is she totally sure about doing this?”, or “What am I doing here?” are some of the thoughts you might have once you’re there waiting for the ceremony to begin. Here are some things you might think when you hear your best friend is getting hitched.

1. I’m so happy for her!

2. I hope her future husband truly loves her.

3. If they’re getting married it’s because they love each other right?

4. What if he just wants her for her body and her money?

5. Or what if he has another girlfriend somewhere else?

6. Does she suspect he might have a lover?

7. I hope he doesn’t cheat on her.

8. If he hurts her I’LL KILL HIM!

9. Does this means we’re not going to be able to spend some time alone like before?

10. I hope the guy isn’t jealous of me being her best friend.

11. I don’t care if he gets jealous, she was my best friend before she met him.

12. Would she pick me if she had to choose between us?

13. Crap! Probably she would pick him over me.

14. No, she would never leave me.

15. Be positive, she’s your best friend and she loves you, just in a different way.

16. Her bridesmaids are hot.

17. Hmmm… I could ask one of them for her number.

18. The guy sounds like a douche.

19. Maybe he’s not that smart as they say.

20. Wow she’s getting married before me.

21. I think she is marrying way too early.

22. Or am I being too slow?

23. Am I being too picky?

24. He doesn’t deserve a girl like that.

25. She deserves a better guy, not that stupid monkey.

26. I hope their kids look more like her.

27. Goodbye to our never-ending movie nights.

28. I’ll miss her so much.

29. Why do people like to get married anyway?

30. Why is marriage so important?

31. Do they really understand what they’re committing to?

32. Are their parents okay with this?

33. Probably her parents don’t approve the guy.

34. Why am I thinking so much crap about the guy?

35. Okay, I’m jealous of him, so what?

36. Yes, he got an amazing girl and I’m jealous he’ll spend more time with her than me.

37. Why is life so unfair?

38. Okay, I have to face it. She loves him and he loves her and now they’re getting married.

39. They look amazing together… not!

40. I really need some time to assimilate this.

41. Done, now, let’s think about the party.

42. I want to dance with the brunette bridesmaid.

43. Does she has a boyfriend? I hope not.

44. The bridesmaid just winked at me! Hell yeah!

45. I think this is love at first sight.

46. God why does my best friend has to get married!? I need her right now.

47. This isn’t really happening.

48. This is just a bad dream right?

49. Somebody wake me up right now please!

50. I don’t want her to get married. Somebody stop her before it’s too late! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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