Men Want Intelligent And Successful Women

Sophia Louise
Sophia Louise

Some people say that men are not interested in intelligent and successful women. Men tend to look for girls that are only interested in money or a one night stand, with which they don’t get into a commitment, but why is that?

Men feel insecure if the woman they’re dating is smarter than they are. As men, we have the need to feel like we’re in control. We feel threatened when an intelligent woman comes to the picture. It’s a silly thing, but that’s something very important for us. Our ego doesn’t let us think adequately. We start thinking about the future and what other will say, that we start getting scared and threatened. No man would want to be belittled because he cannot be at the same level of his date.

Personally I’d love to date an intelligent woman, because they have a set of goals they want to achieve and are competitive. The thing is, it’s not easy to date smart women, but why?

Intelligent women tend to put their career on top priority. Everything spins around their career, even their love life. Also, it’s very common that couples where the woman has a high position in her work and the man has a good position, but not as good as his partner, they’ll fight because of wealth or promotions. Men who dare to date intelligent and successful women want a stable relationship that, sometimes, women can’t keep and the other way around.

Ladies, we do love you no matter if you’re smarter than us. Sometimes we feel threatened because we care too much about what our friends will say, but the truth is, we want women that love us the way we are. We want women that are confident, intelligent, not materialistic, honest and spontaneous. We want women that are not afraid to question our decisions and have the courage to give a better solution to our problems.

Girls, don’t give up on us. Yes, we’re idiots trying to find women we can share a one night stand, but please, be patient with us. We think intelligent women are really hot, we’re just too proud and stubborn to accept it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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