I Asked The Universe For You

 Ben White
Ben White

I looked up at the sky and when I saw my first shooting star pass by I decided to keep it simple and wish for something good. I never thought it would be you….

You were the boy who said my name a little differently than all the others. You laughed at my cheesy jokes in pure pleasure and smiled at me in the friendliest way anyone ever has. I had no idea of what our future had in store but in that fraction of time, there was something lurking behind that smile. It screamed that you were yearning to say something to me but couldn’t find the proper words.

I didn’t see what was coming next and truthfully I don’t think you did either. I never meant for our relationship to become so scary but it was you who became so detached. I’m touched that you had let all that we built come crashing down on us. I tried my hardest to build it back up but things aren’t the same anymore.

You never told me outright that you ‘loved’ me or but your friends had.

When I talk about you to anyone, even just asking how you’ve been, I get a similar response each time….

”You do know he always looked out for you a little more than anyone else.”

I smile as a response because I have yet to figure out what that means, what anything in our past meant. I don’t think you needed to tell me how you felt because we experienced the duplicate emotions. Both of us caught a glimpse of something in each other and it was acceptable not to tell anyone. I was saddened by the loss of you but I’m incredibly indebted for the lessons you gave me.

I may have wished on a shooting star, but that star is part of the universe and the universe had it’s own agenda for us. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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