Never Dated A Polyglot? Here Are The Reasons Why You Should

 jens johnsson
jens johnsson

Language is another way to know more about the culture. It is not just a way of good communication, but a great way to create a connection to other people. It is one of the easiest ways to break the boundary and widen the horizon.

Well, that’s language. But let’s talk about people who are keen about it. Not just bilingual, but the multilingual. They are the polyglots. Have you met one? Are you one of them? If it’s not too personal to ask, have you dated one?

Well let me tell you what I think about them. I believe that there’s more to them beyond those languages they speak. Believe me, I’m dating one. And I’ll give you five reasons why you should date a polyglot too.

1. They represent the saying “Smart is the new Sexy”

This is given. Learning languages require a good amount of intelligence. It’s definitely not that simple like taking a course in Duolingo. Even that needs amount of effort. Believe me, I tried.

And because they are smart, you will learn a lot of things from them. From their not so hidden talents to the skills they acquired, from their open minded hearts to their honest opinions. That’s why they represent the saying that goes “Smart is the sexy”. Please tell me I’m right!

2. They think mistakes are adorable

Dating a polyglot will give you a chance to learn a new language. Of course you will love that, you have a free tutor my dear. But while learning the basic you tend to look and sound funny. Trying to pronounce those foreign words. But don’t worry, they find it adorable. It only means that you are willing to be vulnerable in front of them.

If they think mistakes are adorable this also means they have the patience to understand those mistakes that are not so adorable. They can tolerate that which makes them more adorable in our eyes. Am I using the word adorable too many times? Okay, I’ll stop!

3. Culture is what they crave and it makes them culturally diverse.

I said that earlier, language is a good way to know more about certain culture. Polyglots crave that! Also, given the fact that they are polyglot means they already been to the other side of the world. This made them more understanding and flexible about cultural differences and beliefs.

They see the difference not a hindrance but an opportunity to learn from each other. They want to connect with people through languages. They are not just books smart, but also people smart.

4. Well obviously they are good in communication

Not because they speak different languages, but because they know how to speak their mind. They say what they want and what they don’t. You don’t need to be a mind reader when you date them. They are honest and they can say it using the right words. This personality may be a bit intimidating at first, but being direct is what made them more attractive.

Also, good communication is not complete without having a good listening skills. Listening, understanding, and communicating are basic skills of a polyglot that you will surely love.

5. Sweet is not just a word for them.

They can say “I love you” in different languages. They will not just express it in words, but also in actions. They know that words without action are useless, and action without words are confusing. So they will immerse their self for you not to have that delusion.

They love to take you to places and learn other cultures together. They want to try new things with you. And you will wonder again and again how they spontaneously surprise you, and dating one will make you understand that even more. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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