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My Dad Is An Ex-Cop, And This Is What Happens When They Make Enemies

Pain is a very strange thing. It can sharpen your senses, make the world seem clearer, if applied in the right dosage. But if there’s too much, then it begins to blur everything and you find that your world no longer makes sense. That was how the world seemed to me, a soupy mess of nonsense. There was pain, of course, thick and ever-present. But I couldn’t tell where it began or where it ended.

Every Halloween, I Have A Story I Like To Tell

I liked Ben, I really did. I mean, he was a nice guy. We had some fun times together in college, messing around the dorm, going to parties, all the dumb shit that college guys do. He was cool and all, but he was a little… pretentious. Well, I guess the word he used was “artistic.”

I Live In The Darkness And It Lives With Me

With time, I forgot the nightmare. Or, rather, stopped thinking about it. I don’t think I can ever forget a sight that awful, but the image dulled over time. But that coldness always stayed imprinted on my mind. The farm was never a warm place again for me.

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