There’s A Secret Living In Our Library’s Basement, And Only My Mom And I Know The Truth

At first, everything seemed to be going all right.

The very first thing we did was replace the roof – that prevented any further water damage from occurring while we fixed up the rest of the place. My mom was thrilled with the results – she was finally able to take away the buckets we’d had to place around the library under the bigger leaks.

Our library guardian didn’t seem to notice. It kept to itself, as usual.

The next thing we did was rip up the linoleum floor. Initially, we had hoped to install hardwood floors over the top of the linoleum, but because the tiles were already peeling and cracking, that wasn’t an option. After the asbestos test came back negative and we knew that wouldn’t be an issue, the contractors began the laborious process of ripping apart our floor.

That’s when my mother and I started to notice the change in our creature.

Every night, we continued to leave candy for our creature. Usually in the morning, we would find the leftover candy wrapper in the middle of the basement floor. However, after a few days of work on the floor, the library guardian made a… request.



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