I Lost My Wife To A Drunk Driver And I Thought I’d Never Be Able To See Her Again

I guess I should say this is really the only thing left to do. I’m sorry about this: Andrew never intended to make this a series, I can see that.

You’ll also have to excuse my writing. Between the two of us, Andrew was the writer.

I saw this story pulled up on his computer after he wrote it. I know he had all the best intentions, he really did. That’s one of the things I love about him: He is genuinely a good-hearted person.

The bullet entering my skull was definitely more painful than the car accident. Yes, I can still feel pain. And, if I’m being honest, it’s the worst pain I’ve ever felt. Just think of it. You get shot in the head, but instead of a “bang” and then falling into darkness, you simply can’t die. And, because you’re a corpse, your body can’t heal.

When I felt that pain, it stunned me. I didn’t even scream, not at first. Can a corpse still go into shock? Apparently so, because I remained in an excruciating stillness until I heard the gun go off again.

In the end, I’m the one who did this to Andrew. It was my selfish wish.

I met him when I was in college. To be honest, I was never intended to get married. I grew up watching my mother and father flounder around, trapped in their own loveless marriage. Maybe they loved each other at one point, but even I could see that by the time they had me, my father couldn’t have cared less if my mother lived or died. I guess I just grew up not believing in love.


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