This Is How You Accidentally Fall In Love With A Narcissist

The truth — the honest fucking truth — is that there is no art to such a thing. There is no beauty. Loving a narcissist is not like reading a poetry book while sitting on your couch listening to the rain fall on the roof on a grey day with the scent of a cinnamon candle burning and violin music playing in the background.

Loving a narcissist is not romantic and it doesn’t make for a good romantic story, don’t listen to the movies, or the books you read about the eighteen year old who falls in love with an older person and eventually they runaway together. We are not living in a book my friend, we are living in real life, the world is spinning and you don’t need to fall in love with a person who’s going to make your head spin too.

Loving a narcissist is not beautiful. It is not artistic. It is not romantic. It causes nothing but pain and we need to stop focusing on the pain. But if you must, here is a step by step guide on how to love a narcissist.

1. Show that you are young and inexperienced to sex and love.

Let them know you are easily influenced and they have the capability of imprinting on you and claiming you for themselves. Ignore your sense of entitlement, you’re not worthy of anything unless they give it to you.

2. Be there for them at their every call.

Don’t make plans because you need to keep yourself available just in case they decide they want to finally see you. But you have to sit and wait in bed because you never know when they plan to send you a “what’s up” text. But don’t text them first, god, if anything please don’t text them. You will only agitate them and they will bite you when they see you, and not in the way us submissives like.

3. Sew your mouth shut while you get ready to see them, they don’t like souls that have a strong voice.

They don’t want to hear you say anything other than yes or no, and we can shake our heads for that.

4. Listen to them talk about themselves like they are a god.

Let them think they are and that they created the very person in front of them, because eventually they will have molded you into a whole new person.

5. When you’re finally allowed to talk, don’t ask questions about their personal life.

They won’t let you in and it will only be turned against you. Because next thing you know it you’ll be getting laughed at and told that your dreams are unrealistic and that you need to grow up.


If you can’t help but text them, at least listen to this rule. Defending yourself is like painting a target on yourself, and narcissist have perfect aim, they won’t miss a single shot at you. You’ll be in shock that someone could belittle you so much, so fast. Remember, just because you’re now allowed to talk, doesn’t mean you should.

7. Don’t pry into things, don’t try to be their friend, don’t try to help them.

They will twist this against you and say that YOU are the one who is being manipulative and sneaky. Narcissist love to deny what they really are.

8. Let them get to the line that they shouldn’t cross and then when they cross it forgive them.

Over, and over, and over, and over again until the line is on your neck and they can finally kill you quickly after teasing you for months, if not years, on end. But god forbid you cross their line just once, you’ll be murdered right then and there.

9. Let them force you to wait on them hand and foot when you are in their company.

If they ask you to do something and don’t say please, don’t demand they say it. Don’t refuse to do what they’re asking because they didn’t say please or that they are able to accomplish the task easier than you. Just smile and do it.

10. Don’t bother saying no when they make an advance on you.

Narcissists can’t take no for an answer and will talk their way into your pants. One second they’ll be begging to be inside of you, the next you’ll be on your knees begging for them to be inside of you like this didn’t begin with you saying the word “no” multiple times. They always get what they want.

11. Let them convince you that they saved you from a dark past, they will try to help you break bad habits so you can only be addicted to them.

They think of themselves as gods walking amongst mortals, let them believe this if you want to love one.

12. In the end, just crumple up all of your self entitlement and your personality traits and toss them into a box and throw it out.

You do not need these anymore. They are in control, let them take the wheel and they will give you new traits.

Follow these simple steps and you will surely fall in love with a narcissistic man or women quickly and you will regret it just as fast, if not faster. Then you’ll have the art you so strongly desire and believe comes from loving such a demon. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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