Be Thankful For Wherever You Are In Life


Look around you. There’s so much life outside your four walls. I see a majestic fountain sprinkling in front of me; buildings of different heights and hues but all extremely exquisite; healthy grass that’s about to grow along with Spring; and people conveying unpredictable emotions. And I’m just in Bryant Park by myself.

But I do know how to use my eyes to see the beauty that I call my life.

I’m not always this cheerful about getting up and going out, but it only takes one glimpse at the city where I am to tell myself how grateful I should be. I surely don’t have everything I want but I’m happy with what I have now. The same goes for the things I don’t have.

I also had no idea how lucky I was to be sitting across the New York Public Library until I realized that the only times I saw it before was in movies that made my heart so hopeful and sometimes cringe. And now, I’m just staring at it, imagining cinematic scenes it was part of. It’s unbelievable, but I’m looking at it.

When I turn my head to the right, I see so many people just like me. I may not know them but I do know they’re also filled with gratitude for being able to lay their eyes on one of life’s wonderful creations. How do I know? They’re endlessly taking pictures.

On the other side of the park, I see kids who are thankful that snow season’s over. They’re insanely thrilled that they can now skate on the ground without worrying about slipping. I can see how their eyes light up as they laugh at each other, and it’s amazing to watch people be so happy.

At the back of the fountain, I see a couple embracing each other so tight. They look truly in love but when my eyes met another couple on the left, I was in awe. The girl was crying. But I couldn’t really tell if she was crying out of joy or out of pure sadness. Whatever it is, I hope she just looks around her to stop those tears from rolling down. Life is so darn beautiful for bad tears.

And lastly, I see myself—contented to the extremes. I only have my hot chocolate, my laptop, my playlist of acoustic songs, and my heavy bag fresh from work. But I’m happy and thankful that I get to be alone in a city so beautiful.

Thank you, New York. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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