It’s Okay To Burn Bridges And Leave Without Saying Goodbye


I was at my wit’s end. Suffocated with all the negativity that surrounds me. I needed to go to another place brimming with optimism and energy. I wanted to go away where nobody knows me and live a new life.

To restart. To breathe a fresh air.

But I was so confused and caught in my own inner turmoil. As much as I want to leave and start a new life, I dearly love my old friends and family. They are the reason why I managed to survive my daily angst full and depressing life.

I need to make a life-changing decision. Remain where I am and don’t leave my friends but has to live with my everyday struggles, or, leave everything including friends and love ones to pursue what I really wanted- a better and happier life.

I have never faced this kind of dilemma before, but I know deep in my heart that no matter happens, I need to take this decision to improve my life. To be happy and to be successful.

I desperately wanted to fresh anew, and in order to achieve that, I need to burn bridges to my former life: both bad and good. All I only retained are the good memories of my love ones.

As much as it hurts me, I did not say goodbye. Some of my beloved friends may hold it against me but I have to do it. Not saying goodbye will spare us from all the heartaches and sadness. That way, they will never miss me, instead, they will feel like I’m always there for them.

I took the new road to my new life and left the heavy baggage that burdens me in my old life.

I never regretted my decision. I am happier now, away from all the negative people, away from the bad past. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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