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Let's Have The "Racism In Hollywood" Conversation One More Time

Two separate events — Spencer’s standing ovation and Lucas’ difficult production — held as prime examples of just how complex the issue of race is in Hollywood. The reality is that Hollywood has found a remarkable middle ground in being able to divert any debate regarding racism on screen by using up their quota to cover films that tackle, you guessed it, racism itself.

Romanticizing Europe: A Guide Of Sorts

It has been the subject of many works of writing and bad comedy — traveling, that is, and the inevitable nuisances that come with what the upper-class calls “Fresh Experiences” — but that is simply a testament to the complexities of its reception.

Why I Hate Video Chat

With video chatting you’re stuck eternally in monologue, not dialogue. When someone’s talking, you’re waiting for his or her mundane powerpoint-less presentation to be over before you can speak, because talking over one another during video chat is slightly less audible than talking over someone during a monster truck rally.