When You Find The One

Joe St. Pierre
Joe St. Pierre

When you find the one, you’ll never have to sweat again, making so much time for someone who under-appreciates you. Days will be lighter and there’s going to be more sunshine than rain. They will trace their fingers on your face and tell you that they won’t let you slip out of their hands, ever.

One day, you will never have to wake up feeling lonely.

When you find the one, you will notice how long they stare at every physical detail of you, and you will find it amazing when they know what makes your heart skip a beat. Their hands will get to touch you all over your skin, from the strands of your hair to your tiny toes, and will eventually find its way to caress your fearful soul. You will never have to worry again about how you look in the early hours of the morning because that’s what makes them go crazy about you even more.

When you find the one, you will always find yourself smiling at the middle of the night as you go to bed, forcing you to open your phone once again and re-read all the conversations that led the butterflies flutter inside your stomach. Apologies will be more meaningful and more sincere this time. You won’t let pride win in any battle because you are the soldier of your heart. Just remembering how the two of you started will magically take the pain away.

When you find the one, you will never ever settle.

The world will give you the best things in life on one silver platter, and you’re going to get treated more than you will ever deserve. Kisses will be limitless. You won’t have to feel sorry for saying what you feel and for standing up on something you truly believe in, because the right one doesn’t do anything but accept and respect your sentiment and all your shortcomings.

Everything will fall back into its perfect place.

We may not be promised the ultimate expectations we desire, but we get to devour the genuine happiness and unconditional love we have been waiting for our whole damn life.

Though all of these is just a one-time opportunity, you don’t have to doubt because when you finally find the one, you will never have to find another love again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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