This Is How I See Our Future Together


This is how I see our future. 

I will soon be readying my well embellished black gown that we’ve been talking about when we were in college, because you know how much I adore the color black. As I finish applying every make-up that I could use to look best as I walk towards you, I will realize that everything is such a waste because you’d still want my face that you see during my lazy days.

Of course, you will bawl your eyes out in every step I take because if you don’t, you know I will turn my back and run a million miles away from you. We will be exchanging our sweetest messages that we perfectly wrote the night before our wedding because we love to cram things a lot, even our wedding vows. Most probably, I will turn it into a rap because you are such a fan of hip-hop, and there’s no excuse to be boring that day. Everyone will witness our “yes” to each other,

and we’ll kiss in front of everyone who doubted us, who tried to break us, and all the people who never imagined that we would come to this point.

After that beautiful kissing scene inside the church, we will run together as we ride our wedding car to the reception. We will dance to the song we danced to on my 18th birthday. Then we’ll need to announce the guests that we’ll be ending the reception in a short while, because we have a flight to take en route to an island we’ve dreamed to visit for our honeymoon.

Every day after that day, I’m going to wake up facing my favorite crush back in college, with those dainty eyes and sweaty nose while I inhale the breath you exhale peacefully. I will always pinch my cheeks to make sure all of this isn’t a dream. Since we’re both sleepy heads that couldn’t make it to breakfast time, we will follow the morning routine that we made back then: Monday, Wednesday, Friday – I will be the one to wake up early and cook non-symmetrical pancakes and my mouthwatering scrambled eggs. Every Tuesday and Thursday, you’ll wake me up with the smell of freshly made waffles and my favorite box of cereal. And during weekends, we will ditch our breakfast club because waking up early especially on Saturday is a mortal sin for us.

You will still be the one to drive every time I go to work, and I will still be the girl who always puts her feet above the car’s dashboard. We’ll work our asses off so we can travel as much as we can, reaching to the point where we are more concerned of our availability than the cost of fare.

I will hold your hand while walking around the places we’ve never been before,

and eat almost everything edible because food is nearly located at the center of our relationship. We will support each other as we become successful in our careers, and we will help build ourselves to be a better person for us and for our children. We started when we’re both a work in progress, and soon we’ll still hold hands the moment we become finished products.

We will still fight about the littlest things possible. Shouting, crying and dead silence are all included in the future that I see with you. You will still be annoying at times to me and I am never going to stop being a brat.

There are more things to argue about and more misunderstandings that will take place because marrying each other is not a magic spell that removes all the bad things in a relationship.

You and I will be the most awesome parents of the cutest kids in the world. Two charming boys and a princess that will fill our home with giggles and genuine happiness. Also, our family isn’t complete without a minimum of 5 puppies that we’d like to own and treat as our little babies too. We will live in our dream house located in a private village and there, we will live forever in serenity. One day, we’re going to lay down in bed and reminisce all the things that lead us to that very second. And yes, we’ll be still doing the same things over again, and fall in love deeply over and over again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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