Ladies, It’s Time To Stop Criticizing Other Women


No, seriously. Stop putting each other down. Living in today’s world is hard enough without everyone telling you that you’re bad at being you.

Let’s get it straight – there’s no such thing as being a “bad woman.” Sure, there are bad people in the world, but there’s no such thing as being a bad woman.

The measure of being a woman doesn’t lie in how good you are at doing “womanly” tasks or standing up for women’s rights. Neither being an activist nor being a stay-at home mom makes you any more of a woman than the other. Being a woman is a matter of anatomy, not philosophy.

Not every woman needs to be a feminist either, just like not every man needs to be a hunter or fireman. Insisting that every woman needs to champion women’s rights day in and day out simply perpetuates the gender stereotypes women have been trying to overcome for decades.

Everyone deserves to be treated at least humanely. Race, gender, ethnicity, background – none of that matters. Are you human? Yes? Then you get treated like one! It’s as easy as that.

The most difficult thing about being told you’re a bad woman is that to change would be to abandon your own beliefs, dreams and ambitions. Demanding that a woman disregard things she’s always held near and dear is as bad as relegating her to be barefoot and pregnant at home with no option because she “can’t do anything else.”

Don’t make your fellow lady feel like she needs to apologize for being exactly who she is. Don’t ask her to be anything other than who she is. After all, isn’t that what this fight was all about? Equal treatment, no matter the differences? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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