This Is What It Means To Truly Love Yourself

Pexels, Pixabay
Pexels, Pixabay

To love oneself
Is to be humble,
And to be wise.
To be understanding
And a blessing to other lives.
It is knowing your self-worth,
And not wishing another demise.
To love oneself
Is to know you are greatly valued,
Understand you are treasured,
And see that you matter—
Not just to someone, but to so many.
To love oneself is to know simply
Why and how you are worthy.
Because you are worthy.
To love oneself is not to be arrogant
Or deny that we are all imperfect.
It is to be confident and, knowing in spite of it
That you’re still worth it.
To have love for yourself will help you love and
not judge someone else.
When you find you’re unconditionally loved.
So give yourself a fighting chance,
And finally you find you deserve that dance.
Because to love oneself is only the beginning of
a lifelong romance. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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