6 Reasons Why You Should Date A Writer

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Dating a writer, for some people, may not be a good idea. People usually think that they are too deep and too difficult to converse with. But the truth is, dating a writer might be an exciting experience to try at least once in your life because they can be the one who can bring you to a different world.

When you are with them you can get a sneak peek of everything. They allow you to experience and stimulate your curiosity. Hence, you never get bored. So date a writer because aside from the stated reasons, here are the exciting things that happen when you date a writer:

1. Writers see what is positive in you.

They already know human emotions. You are allowed to be real when you are with them because they understand your behavior. They are sensitive. They can understand you. So dating a writer is beneficial. They are ready to listen when you have problems because they know how much pain it may cause when people ignore your pain. You can open up about anything to them. They like it a lot especially if you lead the conversation. They allow you to talk. And when you talk, they are picking up the puzzle and analyzing what kind of person you are. If you are able to inspire them you might be one of the main characters in the story they will write someday.

2. Writers are romantic.

They make you feel loved and cared the way you deserve it. They give you glimpse what love should actually be.

3. Writers are dynamic, flexible, and creative.

They like everything to be aesthetically appealing and think outside the box because they break every notion of reality. They push you to try everything. They know that experiences are important so you have to chase all the things you want to do. When you date them, you might be inspired to change the way you think and act.

4. Writers are born natural talkers so you never get bored.

Writers usually like to share stories. You won’t be bored when they talk because they do it with substance and passion. When they are telling stories, it feels like watching a movie on the big screen. They like to talk but they allow you to say your opinion. Because they talk loudly and enthusiastically, when it is your turn to share, they are listening earnestly. They listen closely to what you are saying, and they can remember every tiny detail as if it already engraved on their mind. Thus, they value your opinion because they believe that every person has something to contribute. They love hearing your ups and downs. You can get their attention throughout the conversation especially if you show some emotions. You are allowed to cry, to laugh, and to get angry when you speak with them. That is all definitely okay.

5. Writers speak life.

Words are the engine of a writer’s soul, aside from their imagination. They know when they need to switch on the positivity. They lavishly discharge the words you wanted to hear. They are cognizant of the importance and power of words. How words can either lift or destroy the self-esteem of a person. When they speak, they carefully choose words. Because they know that words must not be abused and be internalized first before given to someone. They speak life because they are kind. For writers, every person deserves to hear motivating words.

6. Writers are usually kind and soft-spoken.

When you date a writer, the first thing you may notice is the sound of their voice. Most of the time, they are soft-spoken. When you listen closely to their voice it sounds like you are listening to a lullaby because of its softness. When you hear their voice, you can imagine how kindness permeates throughout their system. There is something about their voice that captivates you.

There are many reasons why you should date a writer. So when someone you know is a writer, grab the opportunity to date them. You may never know what beautiful things await when you date a writer. Or better yet, find somebody who can read and capture photos beautifully because these lovely individuals are all the same and have similar characteristics.

When you have a chance to date a writer, give them books. Date them in museum and library. Ask them to watch movies. Talk with them deeply. More importantly, give them a cup of brewed coffee.

Lastly, look them in their eyes, you will see their beauty. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

SM Valenzona is a Senior High School teacher.

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