Everyone Should Work At A Camp At Least Once


Growing up I was in the Boy Scouts. Over the years I volunteered with various day camps during the summer. In college I finally realized that I could camp, while being paid. Working a summer camp is the best job ever and teaches you so much.

Working with kids is such an amazing experience. They are full of excitement and just want to have fun. It seems as if they never run out of energy at all and if you get the right age group they look at you as their hero. The things they say are some of the most random but funniest things ever. You are giving them an experience that is often forgotten about in todays age. Kids these days don’t get out as much as I even did 10 years ago. So when they come to camp they are experiencing something they don’t do that often. It’s important that you show them you can have a ton of fun outside and being active.

Often we forget what it is like to just have fun and not worry about ourselves and social media. Camps won’t let you play with your phones. So for most of the week you won’t be able to refresh your twitter every two seconds and worry about Facebook drama. It’s really great to just actually talk to people all the time in person. You actually feel much less stressed and relaxed and you see the little things around you that you normally don’t see.

The people you meet and work with at camp are some of the best friends you will ever have. I still stay in contact with a lot of them. You spend an entire summer bonding over the same activities and grow together. I have met people from all different states,colleges and countries. You really get to learn a lot from other people this way.

Working at a camp is something that may not seem like the highest paying job, but the experience is something you will never ever forget. It’s a job that is in high demand and did I mention some of the places you may work? Last summer I worked in Cape Cod and this summer I have a job offer in South Carolina. You can go someplace that people vacation at and get paid for it. Win-win for everyone involved. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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